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Habit and Productivity Planner To Build Positive Routine, Advance Your Goals, and Feel Like A Human Again

This PDF planner is compact and right to the point so that you can get the most out of your day!

It was designed to be customized to your individual needs with  space to write out your plans, keep appointments, and track your weekly and daily entries in a way that allows you to cut the fat and get right to the point.

There are sections built-in for daily gratitude, reflections, and emotion trackers to help you tune back into your life when things get crazy.

This planner comes in two sizes at the moment: A5 and letter. This allows you to choose between two really common types of printer papers that will fit most printers at home! All you need is a nice binder to keep all the pages held together. These PDFs are non-modifiable and you cannot copy material from them, only printing is an allowable feature.

This package only includes the PDF copies of the planner and does not come with a physical cover, paper, tea, cigar box organizer, or anything else in the pictures including my desk. (Please don't ask for my desk, I need it.) I am hoping that the sales of this planner will help me to continue producing better versions with your feedback and eventually offer a physical copy for purchase and customization.

I hope this goes without saying, but here goes - All images and designs are property of myself. Any reproduction of this imagery, prints, photos and text are prohibited. Re-sale of products for profitable gain is prohibited. Purchase of downloadable prints does not transfer reproduction rights.